Madame Ormuos

Daughter of a noble family in new Allaria and a high priestess of the Secret Lady; she is to be the head of a new temple in Daunton, and is here to oversee it's creation.


Madame Ormuos became engaged to Ambassador Glasston during his recent visit to the new kingdoms of Allaria. He met her whilst investigating his family’s ancestry in the old empire. The Glasstons were once proud members of The Whispering Ravens, and the ambassador has rekindled the family’s old devotion to the Secret Lady. While dedicating himself to the new incarnation of this secret organisation, the two fell deeply in love, and when the cult’s oracles prophesied that a new Runelord would rise in Daunton, the two of them immediately set sail back to the Transitive Isles to try and stop a tragedy before it began, accompanied by her aide and pupil Eneos.

Outside of The Whispering Ravens, Madame Ormous is the second daughter of a high ranking noble family in one of the new Allarian Kingdoms, and her marriage to a Daunton noble will strengthen political ties between the two far flung states.

She is a quiet and watchful person, schooled in the art of politics, and also an amazing dancer. Her knowledge of body language and the influence of personal form is great; she possesses an almost unearthly grace and beauty that is the envy of every woman she meets and the key to the hearts of every man that enters her presence.

Madame Ormuos

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