Faran Allastar was lord of a small town in the country now known as Allaria nearly five thousand years ago. He had a reputation for being fair, but stern in his rulings, and for being ambitious. He was said to court as many of the gods as he could find in an attempt to ingraciate himself to them, so that he could gain the power to expand his realm.

One of the gods; it is unknown which, sent Lord Faran a magical metal in a ball of fire from the heavens, and instructed him in the creation of two potent magic items called forcibles, And how to scribe the rune of power for Wit.

At first, some of Faran’s most loyal subjects offered up their endowments freely; to help their Lord achieve his goals for their town. But as Faran’s intellect grew so to did his lust for power; he devoted his every waking hour to researching and creating new runes that he could use with the forcibles.

After but a few years, Faran Allastar had conquered over three quarters of the continent; a kingdom that he called The Allarian Empire. He had taken over thirty-thousand endowments from his prisoners of war.

Known simply as The Runelord, Faran was feared by all; he had the voice _of a thousand lords and kings, able to command great armies with but a word. And his face was ecstacy to look upon as he had the _glamour of a thousand concubines and queens. His strength, speed, stamina and dexterity were also fueled by the endowments from the best of his foe’s armies.

Seeing Faran’s rule as a curruption of the balance of power; The Whispering Ravens engineered a resistance against the Runelord through their typical methods of delivering the correct pieces of information to the right people at the right time. After many decades of struggle against the dictatorship and the help of a powerful eladrin mage from Kythira, The Runelord was finally overthrown and a council elevated in his place.

The Whispering Ravens took the forcibles and hid them away from humanity, lest they unbalance the world again. In order that none search them out; over the next thousand years, while the Allarian Empire grew peacefully, The Whispering Ravens erased Faran from the history books, and once a generation or two had passed it was easy for them to fictionalise the legends and finally to expunge the story from the Allarian civilisation entirely; creating a new less bloody legend to account for the empire’s creation.


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