Professor Scruppsworth's Manor

This small manorhouse located on the edge of Copplestop in Daunton is the home of Professor Scruppsworth, his apprentice Bruno and his housekeeper; Mrs Senesloe.

Most rooms in the house are well kept; Mrs Senesloe is methodical in her duties. There are however two rooms that she does not enter unless the Professor requests it; something that happens but once in a blue moon:

The Study The professor’s study is a large room located in the upstairs of the manor, it was once the master bedroom, shared by his parents before they passed to the underworld many years ago. Now, every inch of possible space is taken up by books, artifacts and archeological tools. Through all the literary piles, a meandering path leads to the only window in the room. The large window is mostly filthy, except for a few panes that have been cleaned recently, allowing light to spill in and illuminate the Professor’s desk; perhaps the only item in the room that is not covered with a considerable amount of dust.

The Workshop A wood and glass conservatory and solarium located to the rear of the manor; the workshop is where the professor worked on restorations and conducted divination rituals (amoung other arcane experiments) to aid his research.

Unlike the study; this room is exceptionally clean. A number of wooden crates of various sizes that take up one end of the area; contain recently excavated artifacts that have yet to be studied. Two long workbenches occupy the centre of the conservatory, one; where the Professor worked, supports a large statue of a well muscled man. Laid on it’s side in two halves, the statue bears an enscription in Old Allarian, a large hammer and an assortment of chisels lay beside it on the table.

Professor Scruppsworth's Manor

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