The Whispering Ravens

Once a powerful cult in the Allarian Empire, they lost a lot of their power and influence when the empire fell.

-They are worshipers of a female aspect of Hermes/Hermethis/Merkari whose portfolio includes secret knowledge and spies, she is known as the ‘Elysian Raven’ or the ‘Secret Lady’. They believe that Merkari actually is female, and has duped the rest of the world into thinking she’s male.

-Merkai’s true female name is a secret; perhaps the higher tier of the cult know that name?

-The cult is organised hierarchically, with each member only knowing one person in the tier higher than them. Only area leaders (leader of a province or small country) have magical tattoos that allow communication over distance (more on this in another bulletin). Cult members lower than that are probably not aware of how large or organised the cult is; sects in different towns and cities probably have different names. This makes it difficult for anyone to realise their existence. The higher tiers of this hierarchy haven’t been defined too much to sustain an air of mystery about the organisation, they may have an eventual agenda; but right now they are only just beginning to reassert themselves after a long time hidden and inactive.

The Ravens in Daunton

Before the adventure begins there is only one raven in Daunton: Sally Methison who moved to the town from Allaria some 3 years ago, she works as a waitress at the Hanged Man tavern where she gets to hear a lot of what goes on in and around the Isles, she has a tattoo of the Secret Lady’s symbol on her left thigh, and a few of the taverns regular patrons gossip about the aviary she keeps between her legs.

At the same time as the adventuring party are heading down to the TURTLEDOME! , Ambassador Glasston is returning to Daunton from a political visit to the new Allarian kingdoms, with him is his new fiancée

The Whispering Ravens

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